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I'm in my fourth year of full-time freelance work. During this time I've learned much about entrepreneurism, project management and client service. My business continues to thrive in the areas of information design with a special focus on books and mapping. While most of the work is of the type I cannot disclose, I swear it's awesome! (Although I am working on a website redesign — please check back and I promise I'll have some work up from the past four years.)

I am becoming more interested in pursuing interaction design work. I think my information design background lends itself well. I love issues of storytelling, hierarchy, efficiency, flow, user experience, and ultimately fulfilling a tired need in a unique and easy way. Will this mean working in an office? Going back for more school? Expanding my freelance services? I don't know where I will end up, but I'm open-minded and looking for new challenges.

Learn more — and see what my peers are saying about me — at my LinkedIn Profile

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